Love Always


‘This family’s poisoned. They won’t tell you, but they are.’

From a hot, tense Cornwall summer in 1963 to present day London, LOVE ALWAYS is the story of one girl’s life falling apart and what she finds out along the way as she tries to put it back together again.

Things have gone badly wrong for Natasha Kapoor, somewhere – she should be a successful jeweller in East London with a gorgeous husband and everything should be perfect, but it’s not. And when her grandmother dies and she travels back to Summercove, the family home by the Cornish sea, she is given a some old, scribbled page by her grandfather. It’s the fragment of the diary of her aunt Cecily, who died in a tragic accident many years ago, leaving behind a broken family and a terrible secret. What happened that summer in 1963 and is Natasha’s family irrevocably poisoned by it? Will Natasha ever be able to make a fresh start and find love for herself and if so, how?

Reviews of Love Always

‘Well written… you’ll love it’

 Daily Mail

‘Romantic… Gripping…Marks Harriet Evans out as a writer of superior popular fiction, her seemingly sunny coming of age story darkening at every turn’

 The Lady

‘Escapism that brings with it the promise of “custard yellow” sands and hot summer sun.’


‘Love Always is the moving tale of Natasha, who stumbles on her aunt’s romance-laden diary written when she was 15. With her eyes opened to another life and time, will Natasha use her aunt’s legacy to resurrect her own love life? Written in the author’s usual warm, witty style, this is perfect for a cosy night in.’


‘As she delves into the past, Natasha finally discovers the secrets that are buried there may hold the keys to her own future. Complex storylines, flawed characters and cupboards that positively rattle with skeletons. If you’ve yet to add Harriet Evans to your “must-read” list, now is a great time to start.’

 Daily Record

‘A modern romance and a delightful tale of second chances’


‘Heartwarming and hugely enjoyable’


‘A broken heart and a forbidden affair are the compelling components of this poignant tale of self-discovery…Wonderful.’

 Marie Claire

‘(A) story of heartbreak and rivalry… An effortless and deeply satisfying romantic tale’


‘An engrossing novel of jealousy and forbidden love’

 Woman and Home

‘A truly gripping read’


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