Going Home


Home should be a place where you can relax, escape your worries and hide away in comfort with your family.

Not for Lizzy Walters, where a summer at home means juggling family secrets and confronting old flames. Some families warm your heart. Lizzy’s makes her head spin. Home. For most it’s a place of calm and safety. For Lizzy Walter, things are a bit more complicated.

Keeper House — a cherished old place deep in the countryside — has always been the heart of the Walter’s universe. There, Lizzy can escape from her London life and ease her heart and mind. But trouble is on the horizon. For a start, her entire family are hiding something. Then the Love of Her Life makes an unexpected reappearance — just when she thought she was starting to get over him. And now Keeper House itself is in peril. By the time the Walters gather for a summer wedding, the stakes have never been higher — for Lizzy, for her family and for love!

Reviews of Going Home


 Jilly Cooper

‘Fabulous…I loved it’

 Sophie Kinsella

'As thoroughly cosy and British as a Richard Curtis film…a gorgeously feel-good book’


'A lovely, funny heartwarmer… Evans' comic style and loveable characters make it effortlessly readable'

 Marie Claire

'A joy from start to finish - sharp, funny and modern as well as warm, cosy and nostalgic’

 Fiona Walker

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