My book is out now plus two amazing competitions!

I can hardly believe I am writing this but THE BUTTERFLY SUMMER is finally out in the world for you to buy, read and hopefully enjoy! This book was a mammoth undertaking but I am so, so proud of it and I can’t wait to hear what you all think.

To celebrate the publication of the book, Woman & Home are running not one, but two amazing competitions. The first gives you the chance to win a glorious stay for two at a Champney’s Spa, while the second prize is a Dermalogica hamper worth £500. Good luck to all of you who enter. I wish I could!

If have got your hands on a copy of THE BUTTERFLY SUMMER and happened to fallen for the butterflies just as I did, get in touch on here, Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for all your support.

H x

6 commments on “My book is out now plus two amazing competitions!”

  • Carol Dack says:

    I have just read The Butterfly Summer and I couldn’t put it down and I cried so much at the ending .It was brilliant all the way through .My grandmother brought me up I lived with her from the age of thirteen until I married at twenty one.She was such an inspiration to me and made me the person I am today .Sadly the last seven years of her life she had dementia and the last year of her life was in a care home which was a very hard time for me,as she didn’t know who I was most of the time but I miss and love her every day.Your book brought back many of my memories of her and of how much I love her.I will now pas it on to my aunt ,her daughter to read .Thankyou for such a wonderful read .

    • harriet says:

      Dear Carol, I have only just worked out how to reply to comments, forgive me! I wanted to thank you for this lovely message as I have thought about it a lot since reading it. I am so happy you enjoyed the book and that it rang true to you. It’s very moving what you write about your grandmother. How lovely that you loved her that much and I’m very glad the book gave you some good memories of her. I really tried hard to get that bit of it right. Thanks again so much. Happy new year. x x Harriet x

  • Barbara sweeney says:

    I have just read The Butterfly Summer, am moved to congratulate the author feel it is the best book I have read in along time . Well done and looking forward to more of your writing. It resonated with me so deeply , the love of London , the theme of mothers and our expectations of them .

    • harriet says:

      Hi barbara, happy new year and thanks for this lovely message. I am really glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for the comments (And for making it sound like it has themes and is all grown-up and stuff!) Great to hear from you. H x x

  • Susanna Graziano says:

    Thank you for sharing the intriguing true to life characters from The Butterfly Summer Novel . It emotionally captured me , I couldn’t put the book down! I havent read a novel for over three years. My head has been buried in my Yoga study Books which i have a passion obsession for them but it was so utterly fabulous to loose myself in your beautiful book. It just caught my eye in Waitroses while i was flitting in and out buying a few bits for my mama. I actualky gave myself permission to sit down with your book, my mantra to my students is to take time out for yourself but i realised i needed yo do that too! So thank you again for those keepsake moments .

    • harriet says:

      Thanks Susanna!I too flit out of Waitrose buying bits all the time so I am very glad you found the book there too! Happy new year and thanks for writing x x Harriet x x

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