Me, my study, and thermal socks

If you’ve always wanted to peek inside an author’s study and see where they write and what they get up to here’s a video I made for the Periscope app on Twitter (um still don’t understand it, but have the video for it so that’s OK) yesterday showing people round my own study. Hope you enjoy it. It’s 9 mins long as I ramble on but there is a reading from my new book, The Butterfly Summer, at the end. H x x

Where I Write / Harriet Evans

4 commments on “Me, my study, and thermal socks”

  • Dian Putman says:

    I read “Happily Ever After” and will not let go of the characters! Amazing!! Lending the book to a friend on Saturday…notice the key word…lending. 🙂

    • harriet says:

      Hi Dian! Sorry, I’ve been locked out of my website by my own technical dimness. Thank you, I love HEA it’s one of my favourite books and I’m vv glad you enjoyed it. HOpe you get the book back OK! And thank you for writing. Happy new year. Harrie xx

  • Elsie M. GARCIA says:

    Hola, Harriet – I’m currently reading & enjoying “Going Home”. Sorry — I don’t do Twitter … or Facebook.

    You’re very talented & inspirational!.
    Elsie M … a-59y old-writer-in-training

    • harriet says:

      Thanks a lot though Elsie, I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. And good for you for the writing-in-training, and good luck with it. H xx

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