Publication week!

I can’t believe the time has come and that A Place for Us is finally out, in one whole piece, in paperback, in the UK. (Lovely Aus / NZ peeps have had it early and hope you’ve enjoyed it). I am truly so excited about publication because it feels like ages since I signed the deal with Headline and even longer since I heard the first line for the book in my head, like a weird sign, or someone telling me to write the book (Stop. you sound insane. – Ed.) Anyway, I normally don’t like publication week, I get a bit stressed or anxious and think oh I wish the book was better or this or that, but this time I feel really calm and happy. It is because

a) it has been edited so beautifully by my editor Mari

b) it looks shamazingly fantonkitastically awesome thanks to the designer Yeti and the production team at Headline

c) it is January and I am still hungover from Christmas

d) we moved in December. Moving is great because it is so stressful and discombobulating that either you freak out or you go hey, chillax, there’s nothing we can do about this for a while, let’s have a mince pie and watch some more Last Tango in Halifax (not you? Oh well that’s what I did.). Also I have licence to legitimately purchase homeware items from Anthropologie.

I hope that, if you read A Place for Us, you enjoy it. At the very least you will enjoy having such a beautiful object – just wait till Thursday when it’s out and you’ll see what I mean.

THANKS for everyone who’s been in touch so far to say they liked it. If you want to get more in touch (sounds weird but you know what I mean) I’m on the twitters at @HarrietEvans

Still not too late to say it: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Harrie x x

4 commments on “Publication week!”

  • Barbra. says:

    I have just found you !
    I am so excited because I know I will love your books, I feel so lucky as I was a bit stuck and trying to find a new auther was a bit of a problem
    But you sound Perfect
    Thank you Hattiot x

  • marisa hayhurst says:

    I am thinking of buying your new book A Place for us, just out for my Kindle. I am a bit puzzled, do I need to read the previous books 1,2,3,4 or is this all the books in one ?
    Please advice, looks like a good read. Thanks Marisa

    • harriet says:

      Hi Marisa, sorry if it seems confusing. The book is published in one big part. It was published already in 4 separate parts, one each month, as a kind of serial. But with the publication of the paperback in January the whole thing is available all together. it should be fairly obvious on Amazon / iBooks, I hope, which one is the right one. Hah! rereading this it DOESN’T sound obvious but i hope it makes sense! Thanks for writing, really hope you enjoy it if you do read it. Harriet x

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